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0-2 Rooms

Staff ratio 1:3

This room is very spacious and homely and has a separate area for the younger babies. There is a huge variety of equipment designed to enhance your baby or toddler’s development.  The focus is on exploration and experimentation through a balance of child-initiated and adult-led activities.

It has a large messy play area giving the children endless opportunity to experience water, sand, paint and lots more unusual materials.

Baby routines are still important at this age and the staff will work closely with you to ensure the continuity of the home routine and each individual baby’s requirements.  Of course, ample cuddles are given to promote a safe and loving environment and build strong bonds between the children and staff.  Parents are asked to provide nappies, any creams and formula (staff will make up the bottles).

Detailed information relating to your child’s day is individually recorded in their diary book and this is taken home after each session for you to record any relevant details for the next session or to pass on to other family members.

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