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Parklands Day Nursery Celebrate 25 Years!

Parklands looked very different 26 years ago with only two houses on site enjoying the spacious and beautiful grounds. In fact, the outdoor play areas were originally a full sized tennis court! As founders, my Mum, Susan Wilson and myself Deborah Nettleton, can vividly remember the nursery plans being drawn up with our architect, the foundations being dug and walking around the dried concrete floor areas trying to imagine what it would all look like and if it would all work out OK.

Here we are all those years later and would like to think that Parklands has been a wonderful part of lots of families’ lives, with some of those children now approaching their 30s and many with children of their own! We hope that Parklands has been a place where families can leave their children to learn, develop and have fun, but also to feel relaxed and content and part of a different family. It was always our intention to maintain a “home from home” environment in such a large nursery and hopefully we have managed to do that and make it a lovely place to be, for adults as well as the children.

Several Ofsted inspections and changes to the EYFS later, the nursery has certainly had it’s ups and downs. The last couple of years have been unbelievably difficult and continue to be extremely challenging, along with all education establishments.

Throughout all 25 years of these ups and downs, Jane (Mullen-Heath), Gail (Charlesworth)and Vicky (Finnan) have been an absolutely vital part of the team. Starting their careers as nursery practitioners and now managers, we quite simply would not still be here without them and want to thank them so much for giving 25 years to Parklands.

We would also like to thank every member of our team for being an essential part of the nursery.

Fingers crossed for a garden party in the warmer weather when we can celebrate along with the children and their families, together.

Deborah Nettleton
Parklands Day Nursery